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What You Need To Know About Setting Up & Running A Profitable Serviced Accommodation Business..
You'll be surprised how easy and effective this process is ↓
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You're Going To Learn
How much money you can make in serviced accommodation
Serviced accommodation is a very lucrative property strategy if you know what to do. But how much money can you really make from this strategy? Find out inside the guide.
why you need to start in serviced accommodation now
Serviced accommodation is a very hot strategy right now. But that's not why you should get started. In the guide, there's one BIG reason why you need to get in to this strategy right now before it's too late.
the proven methods to find your serviced accommodation deals
Many people struggle with finding serviced accommodation deals. They don't know  how to find a deal. Inside the guide, you'll discover the 3 Key Sources to find your deals so you can make serviced accommodation work in the REAL World. 
I sourced my first Serviced Accommodation unit at a Premier Property Club event. Everyone here is friendly and supportive. I then used the knowledge gained from Premier Property to legally and professionally start my serviced accommodation business (I’m doing this part time). For that Serviced accommodation unit, I secured a booking for a few months with a company. My average occupancy is 97% per month. In terms of profit, I make around £1,500 per month from this unit. I’m now in my second year of SA and have now also bought by first buy to let property too! I’m looking forward to what this year holds for me. "
-Federico De Vera
In the past, I had tried to invest in property but made some mistakes that had lost me a lot of money and knocked my confidence. When I met Kam and the Premier team, I felt such a connection with them. The knowledge and value they gave me was like nothing I had ever received before. That’s when I knew this was my last chance to make property work for me, so I joined Premier Property. Since then, I’ve never looked back. In just over 4 months in serviced accommodation, I have created an SA portfolio (doing this part time!) which generates me £4,700 per month. For me, the money is great, but I now have the time and money to do what I enjoy, which is meeting new people and giving back to my local community. "
Grace Kelley
I am already I property investor, I focus on buy to let. I wanted to find a way to increase the cashflow from by buy to lets. Using the information I gained from the team at Premier Property, I have used the serviced accommodation strategy on my portfolio, and my income has increased dramatically ! "
-Yomi Olagbemi