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  •  How to Fast-track your property success, avoiding pitfalls and dangerous mistakes and reach financial freedom fast.

  •  Learn the proven 3 step formula to successfully invest in property.

  •  How to replace your income so you no longer need to work so you can choose to live your life your way. 

  •  Share how you can buy property with no money.

  •  Explain why property is the best asset class for you and why now is the best time to invest in property.
Here's the thing...

Property investing can be a minefield if someone is new and unsure of where to start. 

There's so many different ways to approach property investing, and as a new investor you may face challenges and have questions that need answering so that you can build confidence and move forward in property. 

That's one of the things property investors love about this book, because when you get your copy, you find that it answers the questions you have when you are starting...

So if you are a new investor, someone who is just looking to get in to property, or you've just started, this is the perfect time to get your copy for free right now, you have everything to gain.

When I started out in property, I was just 18, and what I have created here for you if you are starting out is a step-by-step guide on how you get started quickly, profitably, and avoid the biggest mistakes you could make.

But what if you're an experienced investor, is this book for you? 

The answer is yes, and here's why... 

I've been a property investor and developer now for the last 29 years, I've been through 3 of the largest UK recessions, and am still active, I mean at Premier Property, we have anything between 10-17 property projects on the go each month (from buy to lets, to developments, where we demolish buildings and rebuild from foundations upwards). 

However, one of the things that I say that shocks property investors when they meet me, especially experienced investors, is that I am still learning. 

I've learned, and am still learning. 

I believe that knowledge is truly power, and the more knowledge I gain, the more I can do in property, so why would I want to stop learning? 

I believe that the day you stop learning is your last day. 

So if you're reading this and you're experienced... Maybe you have a portfolio already but you're stuck, maybe you're active in property but you are going too slow, maybe you believe you have the potential to do more, but don't know how to start and scale, this book is for you. 

Inside, I share some of my systems we use at Premier Property, so you can replicate them. There's more than enough property for all of us to buy, and we all have a duty especially in the private rented sector to provide good quality homes for those that need them.

Get your copy for free, implement the key learnings, and let me know how you get on. 

I look forward to personally meeting you in the near future.
What People Are Saying:
Practical guide to property investment with tried and tested techniques. You will find this book interesting whether you are looking for a fully hands off passive income, or whether you want to be more hands on with your property business.
- Stuart Davidson
This is one of those books that is a specialist tool and a means for reference during your investing career. Kam goes through exactly what you need to do to become a successful investor and shares experiences and tips throughout.

It is worth buying the book for the acknowledgements page alone as I found this a really powerful motivator and it's put challenges with property investment into perspective.

What I liked the most with this book is the take on creative strategies. The point that they are creative for a reason. This is what makes the book unique in the investors' circuit.

The book represents great value for money through all of the accompanying materials.

It is a must read after the tax changes and the key points are easy to digest. A great book for any property investor's shelf. Very easy to read and a refreshing look on how to invest successfully.
- Alex Scholfield
This book stands out as a practical and extremely detailed guide. Whether you are a new or experienced investor, this book will show you how to buy properties in the right location for high rents and capital growth. It is a very valuable contribution to all investors.

- Zaheeda Jugoo
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